Innovative and Patented Solutions

National Packaging prides itself on its innovative paper solutions that push customers towards more environmentally friendly solutions. Some solutions include plastic replacement, heat sealable replacement, and grease proof and oil proof paperboards.
National Packaging Products offers a variety of Eco-Friendly Materials to aid our customers in their packaging needs. 
We use low VOC* Inks, Bio-Degradable Soy–Based Inks, water based coatings or 100% UV Coating with 0% VOC, 
Alcohol-free press solutions to reduce VOC’s. Over 80% of raw paperboard materials purchased per year are 100% recycled boards. Over 99% of paperboard wastes are recycled into bails which are used to make new paperboards. 
We have designed and replaced many of the plastic and foam packaging to a sustainable paper board packaging. 
Our Design experts can work with you to maximize material use-age in a manner custom configured for you application to minimize material waste. This approach not only is benefiting the environment, it also has benefits in terms of reducing shipping costs and minimizing expenses related to waste and void expenses. In this respect whether our customers choose any recycled material, FSC Certified, sustainable virgin materials, or paperboards with 100% post- consumer waste, we can be your partner in manufacturing your Eco-Friendly products.
*VOC – Volatile Organic Compound