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Quality product packaging with exceptional service

Packaging creation, production and shipping.



We pride ourselves in our ability to ensure that our customers feel that our facility can handle everything from design inception to finished product. We handle everything in-house and are able to provide the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

We have the capabilities to handle everything from design creation to final product.  All our processes and equipment have been GMI certified, and our production standards meet the strictest food requirements as well.


Our first step is getting to know you.  After understanding your products, goals and objectives, we create a packaging solution that is curtailed to your needs.  
Your ideas will quickly translate to reality through our Structural Design Department. Our talented designers excel both creatively and technically with a diverse knowledge base, which ranges from design to state of the art systems such as CAD and Kongsberg computerized work stations.   Our design team can create new packaging designs and samples that will help your products and brands stand out.  In the event that you already have your design needs covered, we can also seamlessly import your existing design files to create packaging products preconceived to your liking.  
Once your packaging and designs are complete they are sent to our Pre-Press department.  Our Pre-Press Department is equipped with all design softwares so that we can accept incoming artwork in all formats. Every incoming design is checked for accuracy, to insure that all fonts, colors and images are printed perfectly. A final proof is always made for the customers for approval before proceeding to production. Our Pre-Press department experts are available to discuss and help any technical challenges your project might present.
  • Electric File Submission
  • Wide Range of Acceptable formats
  • Computer to plate (CTP) technology
  • Electric Die Lines
  • PDF comparator for proofing accuracy
  • Revision control and file management
  • Easy to use file uploads
  • Out-side storage backup system


  1. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
  2. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
  3. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
  4. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
Once your packaging designs and plates have been created, your products are sent to our in house production team, which expediantly produces all packaging onsite through various production capabilities.   
Lithographic Offset Printing:
All Folding box  jobs are done with Offset Printing. Our high speed sheet fed presses with up to 6-colors and inline aqueous coating and scanning system ensure consistent quality through-out an entire run. All presses use reverse osmosis water purification and digitally controlled wetting agents for PH and conductivity consistency. Our presses run vegetable-based ink to aid our recycling efforts.
For sturdy packaging, the printed sheets are laminated to corrugated boards or heavy paper board stock to give a higher thickness range of 28-38 points in board to board lamination or a heavy high quality E or B flute corrugated boxes. These boards are of a very high quality including the elimination of any corrugated lines on the finish products.
Die Cutting / Embossing:
Our high speed Bobst die cutters with speed of up to 8000 sheets per hour give us the capability of precision cutting of regular boxes as well as E and B flute corrugated boxes. The die cutters can also set up to do in-line embossing.
Foil Stamping:
A variety of Foil Stamping  materials add a  third dimensional  feel to the custom packaging.
Window Patching:
Plastic patches are applied to the box openings to create custom windowed packaging. These boxes are used for tissue boxes with in-line slitting, cake boxes, toy boxes, cosmetic packaging and any other custom design packaging.
Our gluing department is an extensive part of our production facility. With our state of the art gluing machines, we can handle virtually any type of gluing application. We can handle regular paperboard and corrugated boxes at high speeds to more sophisticated boxes such as 4 and 6 corner beers tray.
Sheeting Equipments:
Our sheeting equipments are high speed precision type board sheeters which can handle a variety of paper board stocks.
We offer water based (Aqueous), Blister Coating, and full or spot UV finishes consistent with customer requirements.
Flexographic Printing Press:
  • 8-color printing with in line coatings
  • Two-sided printing
  • Water-based or UV Inks
  • Plastic Lamination (Matte & Clear finishes)
  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing & De-bossing
  • Sheeting & Perforation
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Tags
  • Wrappers
  • Pouches
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Flexible Packaging
  • P.S. Labels
  • Clear Film Labels
  • Supported Films
  • Plastic Films
  • Metallic Films

Warehousing and Shipping

  1. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
  2. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
  3. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
  4. Chipboard Folding Cartons, Labels & Flexible Packaging
We ensure that all equipments and supplies are ready at hand, so no issue with flow time and production arise. All paper products are in a secure warehouse within our property to ensure quick response time and efficiency.
The company maintains a large inventory of many paperboard stocks to facilitate our production and delivery to our customers who are in need of fast turn-around time. We constantly warehouse more than 2000 tons of paperboards in stock.The following is the list of the paper boards we stock:
  • SBS Board (100% Coated White Virgin Board)
  • SUS Board, CNK Board (100 % Coated Kraft Virgin Board)
  • CCNB (Clay Coated Paper Board 100% Recycled)
  • Kraft Board (Uncoated Kraft 100% Virgin Board)
  • Chip Board (100 % Recycled Board)